About Us

We all like to wear a logo, whether it’s prominently displayed across your chest or maybe its a bit more subtle and placed out of immediate view.

What does your favorite logo say about you?
Does the brand you wear represent your values?

Salamander is a lifestyle brand that believes a fashion product can be of high quality style AND help propel social or environmental causes.  Your purchase of a t-shirt, hoodie, or hat need not be a dead-end spend. (That’s catchy, “no dead-end spend”.  Remember that.) For that reason, we donate a percentage of the proceeds from every Salamander product sold to nonprofit organizations focused on various social and environmental causes.  Awesome right?

We also collaborate with other product vendors and non-profits to launch campaigns to help them with brand awareness and fundraising.  We call them “AccSalaRate” campaigns.  If your company or non-profit organization is interested in participating, click here to find more information.

Each Salamander collection is focused on contributing to a specific social cause category. So, when you buy and wear the Salamander logo, people know you are a stylish trendsetter that gives back.  Wear your Salamander logo proudly!